StudioQube is an experienced team of two artists – Michael Chomicki and Cyprian Chomicki. Our studio specializes in generating creative, high quality production and
pre-production visual content.

Our professional services range from illustration and graphic design, to conceptualization of character, background, and technical assets for video game and animation production, as well as 3D development. StudioQube possess the flexibility of developing a wide spectrum of inspired content for a variety of audiences, ranging from delicate children’s content, to commercial work, to edgy design.

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Published Video Game Credits:

WARFRAME – Digital Extremes (Steam - 2013, Xbox One, PS4 - 2014) – ongoing 2017
The Amazing Eternals – 2017
HALO 4 – Microsoft, 343 Industries, Digital Extremes (Xbox 360 - 2012)
Waveform – Eden Industries, PixelNAUTS (Steam - 2012)
Raccoon Rising – Romper Games, PixelNAUTS (iOS - 2011)
X-men – Marvel, Activision, Silicon Knights (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Nintendo DS - 2011)
Too Human – Microsoft, Silicon Knights (Xbox 360 - 2008)